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Bruce MacKnight is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Philadelphia area.
Immaculata University
Master of Arts Candidate: Music Therapy
Saint Joseph's University
Bachelor of Arts: Music
Bachelor of Arts: History
Bruce MacKnight
Guitar, Piano

Bruce MacKnight’s musical journey began in elementary school. In fourth grade, he began learning the cello, an instrument which he would continue to play throughout his life. Throughout his high school years, while continuing his cello studies, Bruce also picked up the guitar and fell in love with the instrument. Deciding to further his musical education at Saint Joseph’s University, he devoted himself to classical guitar while pursuing a double major in both Music and History.

Among the instructors under whom he studied was Dr. Jeremy Harting, by far the most influential guitar teacher Bruce has had. His realism and recognition of goals was immensely significant to Bruce’s development as a musician. Dr. Harting created a lesson environment that allowed time for discussion and conversation, which enabled Bruce to learn, experiment, and grow at his own pace, rather than enforcing an expectation for growth within a specific and rigid schedule.

Bruce graduated in 2017 with both a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Arts in History. His senior recital was a highlight of his academic career, showcasing two compositions (one for a piano, violin, and cello trio and one for a saxophone duo) and the performance of the classical guitar suite Castles of Spain. Bruce is now furthering his musical education at Immaculata University, where he is enrolled in the Music Therapy postgraduate program and expects to complete his Master’s degree in 2020.

Bruce’s motivation as a musician and educator stems from his recognition of music’s power to impact all areas of life. The achievement of goals within the music-making setting establishes a foundation for achieving one’s larger and broader goals. Bruce understands that communication is essential and believes it is his duty as a teacher to establish a dialogue that reaffirms and reassures the student in his or her path. He also wants his students to understand that learning an instrument is not a perfect science, nor is the process perfect. Rather, skill acquisition exists along a continuum. Every student is different and each will have different approaches that best help them learn, interpret, grow, and master technique.

When he is not teaching lessons, Bruce is an active performer throughout the Philadelphia area. He is the creator and songwriter for his original rock band, with whom he has been playing since 2012, and recently released his first full-length album. His experience performing and creating music lends Bruce a perspective that enables him to help younger and less experienced musicians to find their own voices and discover their musical passions. He currently teaches guitar lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, and piano and keyboard lessons to beginning students of all ages. 

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