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Jerry Tanenbaum is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Philadelphia area.
Temple University
Bachelor of Music Performance
Jerry Tanenbaum
Drum / Percussion

Jerry Tanenbaum began playing the drums at age 8, holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance from Temple University, and has been playing professionally for many decades.  He is fascinated with rhythm, loves teaching and performing, and instantly connects with those who share his love for drumming. 

Jerry’s passion for drumming has introduced him to a wide variety of musical styles, many of which he may not otherwise have come to appreciate.  He has extensive experience in musical genres including: rock, jazz, Latin, African, world music, and orchestral music.

Highlights of his performance experience include playing at the Kool Jazz Festival, drumming for the off-Broadway touring production of “Little Shop of Horrors,” and providing educational assemblies in the Philadelphia school system with a percussion quartet.  Jerry has a broad array of experience in rock and blues bands, in jazz (both Big Bands and small groups), and in an Afro-Cuban band, and is currently the timpanist in the Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey. No matter what genre of music is at hand – if there are drums involved, Jerry is an enthusiastic participant and aficionado. 

This journey through musical worlds has also introduced Jerry to people of all ages and backgrounds, whom he may not otherwise have met.  He has worked with a wide variety of students and fellow musicians from around the globe. Jerry considers this an intensely meaningful side effect of his love for music, and one for which he feels great gratitude.

Jerry has also worked for many years as an attorney advocating on behalf of students with special needs.  He has deep respect for the resiliency and courage shown every day by these individuals, and considers it a great privilege to guide any such student into the drumming world. 

As a teacher, Jerry brings an uber-enthusiastic approach, coupled with high expectations for each student.  Jerry’s students first and foremost will attain a strong foundation and confidence in proper technique, which will open doors for any future field of study that they may find themselves drawn to.  His students will not only learn the art and joy of drumming, but will also learn to appreciate the music itself, as well as their important role in the musical ensemble.  Jerry’s students are “drummers,” but more importantly -- become musicians. 

Let’s go!  Shoo Bop Shi Bam!!

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