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Lia Menaker is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Philadelphia area.
Pennsylvania State University
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Musical Theatre
Lia Menaker
Piano, Voice, Songwriting

Lia Menaker has a wide range of teaching experience: she is a certified yoga teacher, she spent two summers teaching choreography to children aged 6-12 at an arts camp, and has also spent a month teaching English to children aged 6-14 in Thailand. While completing her Master’s Degree in Public Health in Colorado, Lia worked with a small group to create and teach a short nutrition curriculum for children with developmental disabilities. She currently teaches private piano and voice lessons to students of varying ages and skill levels.

Lia has been singing since she was a young child, and has been playing piano for 14 years. She took voice lessons as a child and performed in community theatre, and began playing piano by ear before beginning her classical training in high school. At age 17, she began writing music for both voice and piano. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre from Penn State University, where she took four years of private voice lessons from one of America's top voice instructors: Mary Saunders-Barton. Lia also took many courses from highly-trained professors related to voice and piano, including music theory, songwriting, and more. Since completing her degree, she has sung in professional musicals, cabarets, and festivals. She is also a professional singer/songwriter, with piano and voice being her main instrument. She has recorded vocals in the studio for, and sung on stage with, various bands, and performed her own music across the country.

Lia loves tutoring because of how much impact the arts can have on the emotional, social, and cognitive skills and coping mechanisms of both children and adults. It's exciting to be a part of the process of others discovering their own artistic abilities and self-expression! Lia's childhood was engrossed in music, and it made her who she is today. As an adult, music continues to give her a creative outlet to release emotions and express herself. It keeps her compassionate and empathetic, has helped her hone important skills, and has helped her engage with a wide variety of people and experiences. Plus, it's incredibly fun, and leaves constant room for learning and growth! Because of these feelings she has towards the arts, Lia feels called to teach others, helping them to develop their own skills and connection to music. And as the teacher, of course, she herself gets to learn through the eyes and experience of the student!

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