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Michael D'Ottaviano is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Philadelphia area.
Cairn University
Bachelor of Arts: Music Education
Michael D’Ottaviano
Saxophone, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Clarinet, Flute

Michael D’Ottaviano began playing music at a young age. He took piano and violin lessons in elementary school, but found his best-loved instrument in sixth grade: the alto saxophone. He had a rich musical experience throughout high school, frequently playing music with friends, playing saxophone in the school Jazz Band, and clarinet in the Concert Band.

Michael attended Cairn University and majored in Music Education. He received an excellent education there and studied under the esteemed saxophonist Marshall Taylor. He played the saxophone in many different ensembles and sang in the University Chorale under the leadership of Dr. David Shockey, a master vocal teacher and accomplished Tenor.

Michael has experience teaching private lessons as well as experience in general music classes, high school classes and band. Since graduating, Michael has been pursuing teaching music and further developing his musical skills. He is dedicated to enjoying music, practicing and performing it, and teaching others to do the same. 

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