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Sharon Sigal is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Philadelphia area.
Hahnemann University
Master of Creative Arts
Carnegie-Mellon University
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Vocal Performance
Sharon Sigal
Voice, Piano

Singing and music have always been the center of Sharon's life. She made her singing debut at age 5 when she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow at a synagogue talent show. When she was a teenager, she fell in love with the music of Joni Mitchell. Her high school friends even called her "Joni." She knew every Joni Mitchell song, and could even imitate the nuances of her voice!

Sharon knew she needed professional vocal training if she was to develop her own unique singing voice. Her first voice teacher was Maria Malpi, the former head of the music department at Carnegie Mellon University. After High School, Sharon studied vocal performance at Carnegie-Mellon. While she was at CMU, she became the first female cantor in Pittsburgh when she was hired by a Reconstructionist synagogue.

Sharon has also been fascinated with music as a therapeutic tool. So after she received her BFA in Vocal Performance, her vocal journey took a detour when she studied Creative Arts Therapy at Hahnemann University. She later returned to studying-this time-acting! As a voice teacher, Sharon's study and work as a spoken word actor have greatly influenced her work as a voice teacher.

Every singer is unique-based on age, background, interest, personality, and goals. While she is an instructor-someone who will guide you into your own understanding of how to sing- she is also your advocate-supporting you in your own goals and objectives.

You will always receive her honesty, sense of humor, and passion for singing! Rejoice in your voice!

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